Innovation and entrepreneurship are not just skills. They are a strategy. They define who you are. Experience for real how it feels to be an innovative and entrepreneurial leader with the strategy simulation games of Innovative Dutch. Peer over the shoulders of colleagues and teams, follow the progress of your company and competitors online and see how an excellent innovation strategy can make a huge difference. Immerse yourself in strategic decision-making and see how your company gets rewarded with profits or has to deal with losses.

Be inspired to become better every round. Collaborate with your team mates and receive personalized feedback. You will learn to analyze every detail of your strategy on a virtual platform and the impact of successful innovation will be visible right away. Follow the rankings of your company and see how your decisions have had an influence on your company’s performance. There is a taste for everyone, from undergraduate students to experienced policy-makers.

So, why did we start Innovative Dutch? We are living in an experience economy. Innovation should be experienced. It should be seen, it should be heard, it should be smelled, it should be felt and it should be tasted. And yet, we only lecture on innovation theory. That’s wrong: innovation should be learned in all senses. Of course, innovation theory is important: it should be heard. But practitioners should be able to see it working in real life, to experience it. They should know how it tastes like to create a new product and launch it into the market, they should smell the pain that is involved in failure, but also how it feels like to get better afterwards. Innovation is using all your senses. And that’s when we came up with the idea of the simulations game on the topic of innovation.

It started in late 2011, when we first came up with the idea. In early 2012, the team of enthusiasts had grown and the first beta-version of the game was released. It was tested among a wide range of study programs, some large corporations and SMEs. Feedback was very positive and they decided to move it forward and develop the game into the business strategy game that it now is.

We really hope that the players of this game look backwards in the end and say that they are better innovation professionals. That they have learned the fundamentals of innovation, that they have learned how it works in reality, that they have learned that failure brings a company forward and that they know how to use their senses to work with innovation. We hope they see innovation opportunities, they listen to – the sometimes very weak, but so important – signals from consumers and partners, they feel the excitement of creating new products and services, they are able of tasting the many different flavours that are involved in innovation processes and they smell the aromas of becoming the number one in the field.

With kind regards,

Innovative Dutch: serious games for serious professionals.