Sometimes we receive questions like:

  • What is the relationship between the expert feedback and business valuation? Is there any relation, or not? 
  • Should the tactical decisions be changed when the business valuation is low but the expert feedback is positive?

The feedback is algorithmitically created. Feedback is focused on the long-term and takes some variables into account that you as a player can’t see. For instance, we’ll also compare your results to thousands of teams that have chosen the same strategy before and we’ll benchmark their successes with yours. It does not take (well) into account in which round you are currently, so it may base its conclusions too early and not take into account that you're planning to change your strategy throughout the game. You can take the expert feedback seriously, but please bear in mind that the feedback will only look at graphs and numbers and will not look at your submitted strategies. The algorithm don't know everything and may give you wrong advice, so always think critically before changing your strategy - and contact an expert at Innovative Dutch.